Kunde Family Winery

For over a century, five generations of the Kunde Family have farmed our 1,850-acre estate in the Sonoma Valley?a truly remarkable legacy in the modern age of California winemaking. A fervent, forward-thinking vision of land stewardship and sustainability began over 100 years ago and has been shaped with each successive generation.

Marshall's Garage

17 out of 17 Yelp reviews show Marshall's as a complete 5-star auto service facility, located next to Warm Springs Road and Highway 12 in Kenwood since Joe Marshall started the business; son Steve Marshall now runs the business. There is just not much you can?t get done at this all service shop. Generations of Sonoma Valley residents agree.

Dirt Farmer

Dirt Farmer & Company came about accidentally. Keith Kunde, President of Dirt Farmer, had managed his family vineyard for 25 years. In 2005, he stepped away from the family business to manage his own vineyards and, with the encouragement of his employees, began managing for others.

The Kenwood Dentist

The Kenwood Dentist practices comprehensive dentistry with a multi-disciplinary approach. This means he will perform a thorough examination on each patient and present a customized treatment plan with his recommendations. Sometimes, this may involve a team of specialists. We believe in giving each patient the highest level of dental care. It is then up to the patient to choose which treatment plan fits their needs.

EBA Engineering

EBA Engineering is a civil and environmental engineering firm with recognized expertise in the fields of civil engineering, planning, and environmental services. Since 1979, EBA's staff of engineers, geologists and environmental professionals have worked together to provide a comprehensive range of management and engineering services to both private and public sector clients. During this time, EBA has been involved in essentially every aspect of civil and environmental engineering, including planning, surveying, design, permitting, construction management and quality assurance. EBA is continually involved with state and local regulatory agencies and maintains an active awareness of current regulations pertaining to design, planning, and environmental issues.

The HALTER Project - Julie Atwood

The HALTER Project is a grass-roots program with a vision: To help animals and their people in emergencies and disasters by supporting efforts of individuals, communities, and agencies to train and prepare for a ready response to, and the care of, animals in everyday emergencies and large-scale disasters.

Jay Gamel

A long time Kenwood resident and a life of service to the local community.